Though there is a diploma of aeronautics engineer lying deep in my drawer and for over a dozen of years I have been hired
as a PC serviceman, sales representative, graphic designer, copywriter, car dealer, manufacturing engineer or constructor
my natural desire of making a tale of the world with pictures eventually gained the upper hand.

I have always been enchanted by the beauty of a landscape built out of two components so distant from each other:
strong and unalterable through centuries face of Mother Earth and the natural light - variable and fragile in its form.
This join is a reason why the same landscape motif still remains fascinating and looks sophisticated
even if it has inspired the generations of painters and photographers and a word climate associated mainly
with meteorological nomenclature so accurately fits the domain of landscape photography.

Therefore today doing what I love and joining the creative passion with the need of exploring the world behind the horizon
I do my best to steal at least a particle of our planet's beauty and - having it locked in a glass safe of a photo frame -
give it to all the people to make them realize - as well as I do - how wonderful is the place we live in.