ARS IMAGO, the publishing house of which I am the owner, is a publisher or a co-publisher of all of my albums.

If you intend to publish an album and you seek for a publishing house that will be able to present your subject sophistically
and is also familiar with photo processing, graphic layout, translation or having material well prepared for an offset printing house
I will cooperate with you with all my pleasure and serve you with all my experience on every stage of the project.

The motto of my company is included in its very name - ARS IMAGO meaning The Art of The Image.
It is the art to just take a picture although some think it"s not.
But the art is also to present it the way that the viewer's attention will be paid.
Frame composition, harmony and expression of the image, mixture of colours, lights and shadows - all of this
determines if the viewer gets affected by the photograph and preserves it in his memory.

Let ARS IMAGO be your partner. Let the image be the art.